bachelor(ette) parties

Celebrate in a fun, safe space

Does your wedding party need a unique venue for a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party? Putt Nation is a great option, with fun, great food, and great drinks.

start with a game of golf

Want an easy way to break the ice and get everyone in the mood for an evening of fun to celebrate an upcoming wedding? Our indoor mini golf course lets your group relax and enjoy themselves. (You can even take your drink with you.) 

If some in the group don’t know each other well, then this is a chance to bond. if everybody’s been friends for years, it’s another great adventure. 

Play for fun. Or for keeps.

Our mini golf course is an amazing experience–different than you’ve seen in any other putt putt course. You don’t have to carry around a card and a pencil; tablets at each hole let you keep score. The golf itself is fun, but when you add the video challenges and other interactive elements, it’s a major sensory experience. 

If you want to play casually, that’s easy. If your group is competitive, then those players can be serious. 

Our amazing tap wall lets everyone enjoy the drinks they want

Want to have a toast to the bride or groom? Saddle up to our high-tech iPour drink wall. 

When you come in, you register and get a high tech sensor that lets your access anything you want–craft beers, great wines, cocktails–without having to wait for the bartender. Your sensor keeps track of everything you pour, so drink as much–or as little–as you like. 

And along with great drinks, enjoy fantastic food, including pizza, salads, wings, sandwiches, and dessert. You and your group will have an amazing experience. 

Our bachelor and bachelorette packages are fun and affordable. We can even help you arrange safe transportation home or to your hotel after your event. Contact us to learn more.

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