Birthday parties

Celebrate Your Special Day At An Incredibly fun place

Putt Nation in Buford is a great mini golf venue for birthday parties.

Consider Putt Nation for your special day, whether you’re a kid or an adult. You’ll have a great time. 

Kids' parties

We can easily accommodate birthday party groups of up to 150 people, kids and adults.

 For kids, our golf course is exciting but not too hard, so play moves along and everybody stays entertained. 

Kids love the video prompts and lights, so there’s plenty to keep their attention and interest. Our “golf pros” can also help guide kids through the course, giving them tips and helping them have even more fun. It’s a birthday celebration in Buford, GA that your child will never forget.

Adult Birthday parties

For adults, our course is challenging enough so that good players will find themselves working hard to shave a few extra strokes, while casual players will delight in everything that happens on the green and in the environment surrounding them. 

You tailor the level of competition that your group wants. If you want to keep things loose and relaxed, then it’s easy to have a great time casually.

But if you want to be more competitive, then our mini golf course is ready for major challenges.

Afterward, your group gets to celebrate with bragging right, great food, and great drinks.

keep the celebration going with great food and drink

After your game, then we’re ready for your 19th hole birthday party. Kids will love our menu with pizza, wings, and plenty more. And they can pour their own soft drinks with our high-tech iPour drink wall.

Want to know more about our birthday packages for kids and/or adults? Contact us and we’ll show you how a birthday party at Putt Nation is an affordable and fun event that you’ll talk about over and over again.

*each birthday party booked subject to 20% service charge

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