Frequently asked questions

Learn more About Putt Nation

Putt Nation is a new way of playing mini golf. Naturally, you'll have questions.

    1. What are your hours?
      Putt Nation is open the following hours: 

      Sunday 11am-9pm
      Monday 11am-9pm
      Tuesday  Closed
      Wednesday 11am-9pm
      Thursday 11am-9am
      Friday 11am-11pm
      Saturday 11am-1am
    2. Why is Putt Nation different from other mini golf?
      It’s faster. More exciting. And lots more fun. You and your group are confronted with obstacles and video challenges that you don’t see with traditional putt putt. You can use strategy in new ways to pick up bonus points and jump ahead. Even if you’re not a great golfer, you’re still in the game because there are other ways to score points and earn bragging rights.
    3. Can I play without making a reservation?
      You may walk in without a reservation, but we cannot guarantee availability.
    4. Do I need to pay when I book my reservation?
      If you’re with a group, then you can pay for just your reservation, and the rest of your group can pay when you arrive.
    5. What is your cancellation policy?
      We can cancel or change your booking, but we don’t do refunds.
    6. Can I get a refund?
      We can change your booking time though if you need to reschedule because of a conflict.
    7. Can you make a restaurant reservation without playing golf?
      We do not take reservations for the restaurant, but you do not need to play golf to be seated at our restaurant.
    8. Does your restaurant do takeout orders?
      We can do take out orders. Call our phone number to place an order. You can view our menu online and let us know what you’d like.
    9. What ages do you accept?
      We welcome all ages. Absolutely! In fact, Putt Nation is designed as a family attraction where anyone in Atlanta can have fun. Bring the whole family for a great night now. Play miniature golf like you’ve never seen it before, with a whole new level of excitement and laughs. While there are lots of challenges for adult players, our course is also easy enough for little ones to enjoy without getting frustrated. And you don’t even have to worry about carrying a paper scorecard and pencil around with you. Tablets at each hole make it easy for you to tap in your score and get on with your game (parents really appreciate this).Then, when you’re done with your game, stay for the food and drink. Our menu has great options for the kids, plus some intriguing choices for Mom and Dad, with signature flavors you won’t find at other restaurants.And our high-tech tap wall lets you choose from a variety of soft drinks, along with a selection of beers, wines, and cocktails.
    10. Do you charge service fee for birthday parties and corporate events?

      Yes, We charge 20% service fee for parties.
    11. How long does a game last?
      Typically, a game with a group on our Putt Nation course will take about 45 minutes to an hour, so you have plenty of fun, but can still add more to your evening. Our food and drink options mean that you don’t have to drive anywhere else to enjoy dinner and a drink–it’s all right here. And our location near the Mall of Georgia lets you plan shopping, movies, and other activities to go along with your Putt Nation visit. You can even drop off part of your group here for a game while you do something else.
    12. Can just one person play?
      Just make your reservation and we’ll look forward to seeing you at Putt Nation.
    13. How early should we arrive for our game?
      Come about 15 minutes before. That way, you’ll be ready to go when your tee time is up.
    14. What rules must I follow?
      We have some basic rules regarding play and etiquette. These will be explained to you when you arrive.
    15. Can I bring my cell phone and take pictures?

      Yes! In fact, we encourage you to take pictures and videos of your fun at Putt Nation and post them on social media. When we built our Putt Nation miniature golf course, we engnineered in a number of great “photo-op” locations that make it easy for your and your group to look good when you show everyone what you’re doing.So take as many photos as you like. We’ll be watching for them on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.
    16. How do I join the Putt Nation Perks program?

      Enter your email and telephone number below, and we’ll add you to the Putt Nation Perks list, for special notifications, discounts, and more.