The putt nation experience

Get Ready To Be Dazzled

It's a totally unique experience

The moment you walk into our doors in Buford, you realize that this is not your traditional putt putt golf adventure.

There are lights. Lasers. TV screens. Lots of shouts and laughter. You’re caught up in the excitement right away.

You can schedule your game online in advance. Once you arrive, our Putt Nation staff welcomes you and gives you everything you need for your game. They enter you into the computer, and you’re ready to go.

Spoiler Alert: Don’t worry about having to carry a little pencil and paper scorecard around (you know how easy those are to lose).

Instead, our high-tech course has interactive screens at each hole that let you easily record your scores. It’s infinitely easier and makes the game a lot more fun, especially for kids (or the parents who have to keep up with everything).

Another thing that you notice instantly—each hole is unique, exciting, and more fun than you’ve ever seen in miniature golf. You’ll get TV and video challenges, music, and lots of stimulation. You may find yourself dancing. You will find yourself having an incredible amount of fun.

And so will everyone around you, whether it’s your date, your family, a group of colleagues from work, a birthday party, or any other event. Putt Nation is ready when you are.

How about today?

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