Putt Nation For Kids

Fun For All Ages

Putt Nation takes a game loved by kids of all ages and makes it even more fun.

A new Way To play putt putt

Putt Nation takes the beloved game of mini golf up to a new level. 

There are lights, TV screens, music, and lots more to keep your kids fascinated. You don’t have to keep score with a card and a pencil. Tablets at each hole let you keep score electronically. 

So it’s easier and even more fun.

A Great choice for parties

Putt Nation is fun for families who want a night out, with one location for recreation and great food. It’s also ideal for birthday parties and other group events.

We can accommodate small and large groups, and our staff of “golf pros” can help your kids with their game. 

After Your Game: great food

After your mini golf game, there’s still plenty of fun at Putt Nation, with a great menu of kid-friendly food. 

We have choices for even picky eaters, including flatbread pizzas, sandwiches, wings, desserts, and more. And kids will love our iPour tap wall, where they can get their own soft drinks. A high tech sensor lets them choose what they want. And you only pay for what you pour. 

After a great outing at Putt Nation, don’t be surprised if the kids in your life want to come back, time and time again. 


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