a unique, memorable venue for your charity event

Putt Nation offers a great place for fundraising events for a variety of organizations.

Fun and memorable

Want an unforgettable fundraising event for your charity or nonprofit? Think about an evening at Putt Nation.

We can help you create a fundraising event that’s as much fun as an outdoor golf tournament, but makes it possible for people who aren’t avid golfers to play and have fun.

You can offer prizes to the winner, and premiums as souvenirs (or something that can be bid on at auction).

Our interactive Golf can be part of your message

Putt Nation’s lights and video screens will give your guests an experience that they’ll talk about for a long time. And we can help reinforce your donation messages as your guests playing. Our mini golf course in Buford can be played casually or, for better golfers, more intensely. You don’t have to carry a card and pencil around; tablets at each hole help you record scores.

This simplifies the game and makes it possible for people to enjoy each others’ company that much more.  

food and drink to round out your event

We can help you craft a menu for noshing and networking, and our Tap Wall makes it easy to serve drinks to your group (you don’t have to wait for a bartender), so everyone can join the fun and you can focus on getting your message across.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you pull off a great fundraising event.


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